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vegan jobsAs an organization that relies on vegan volunteers and staff, we may be making use of the new vegan jobs website at: to help fill positions needed when the next World Vegan Summit is in the works. The website was created by me, summit volunteer webmaster Ben Braman, who developed the site to help vegan businesses and outreach organizations connect with vegan talent who have a shared passion for making the world a better place for animals, our health and the environment.

While going vegan because it’s the right thing to do is certainly reason enough, many vegan businesses are solving the “Oh but I could never give up _____” leap that some perceive. From vegan ice cream and cheese, to cosmetics and fashion options, vegan startups  are not just offering alternatives but are disrupting the consumer landscape with products that are no longer built on cruelty and are also healthier and environmentally superior. A growing variety of vegan milks are cropping up at grocery stores all-over, these creations being preferred in taste and digestion by many to the absurd bottled cow’s lactation. The creation of veggie/grain/nut meats that are sourced plants directly are increasingly seen as an obvious next step evolution of “meat” that’s obsolete  both economically and ecologically, not to mention ethically and nutritionally.

These critical businesses would love to work with professionals that share their world-view. Beyond grocery and eateries, everyday businesses like local gyms owned by vegans are looking for vegan trainers, vegan nannies are preferred by vegans who seek child-care, and online stores and services such as vegan travel agencies and stores that cater to dogs and cats, need everything from accountants to vegan web and app designers!  Furthermore, business’s largest expense is often payroll and paying people who won’t spend their money on commissioning the suffering of animals is another win.

Vegans who don’t have vegan jobs or an animal rights career paths are can also utilize to help support vegan efforts in their spare time, such as volunteering for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine or volunteering to run social media for an animal sanctuary.

I’ll be posting articles on the Vegan Jobs website that help direct visitors to think critically about where their time and energy is best spent in advocating for animals. For example it may not always make sense to pursue a job with an organization if you can find rewarding employment that pays more, and you can direct those extra earnings or time off towards efforts you feel are most valuable to the vegan movement. Note that I can not advocate for the opinions and outreach methods of all vegan businesses or organizations that may post jobs on the website. There is a requirement that businesses need to offer only vegan products and animal sanctuaries need to be advocating for veganism as well.”Mock meat” is increasingly a terrible moniker, “meat” originally meant the

Check out the vegan jobs already included on the website and get to work! If you are a reddit user you might also want to check out the that will be a companion to the website.

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