Att: Attendees of the World Vegan Summit & Expo

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Finally, I have washed the fingerprints of every attendee at the World Vegan Summit & Expo off of Daisy’s little vegan chihuahua body, and I am now removing my loud-music earbuds for the first time hoping I no longer have to drown out the calls for another event next year. As we were packing on Sunday, Dr. Milton Mills said to me “I know you must feel like a woman who just gave birth and is saying ‘never again’… but here’s the topic I want to present next year…”  

 Our World Vegan Summit & Expo in Berkeley last weekend was an enormous success thanks to all presenters and attendees, wonderful people who came from every continent, and the sponsors and vendors, to whom we wish to express our sincere appreciation for making this form of our commitment to veganism possible.

 In the days and weeks ahead, we will be releasing lots of amazing video and audio of the weekend’s truly spectacular discussions and activities, to which the reaction has been enormously positive. 

 If you have any videos or photos, please upload them here (no login required):

 Would you like to talk about your experience at the 2016 World Vegan Summit & Expo on “Go Vegan Radio with Bob Linden” this weekend or next? Make a Skype audio call to goveganradio or phone 415-315-9911 today (Sunday August 7 between 5:30pm and 7 pacific, or next Sunday, August 14 at the same time). Professors Francione and Charlton will be joining us on-air starting at 5:30pm too. You can listen live at

 The radio program and the World Vegan Summit & Expo are produced by 501(c)3 non-profit Go Vegan Radio, Inc. which is a person or thing now thanking Julie Curran – Meskell, Michelle Tung, Anuj Shah, and Ben Braman, without whose commitment and tireless effort it would not be possible to organize this special gathering.

 I think that we recognize that there are both demand, and a moral obligation motivating this to continue. I don’t feel that it is fair to ask a small team of individuals to make great sacrifices year after year. If we are to pursue a 3rd World Vegan Summit & Expo for 2017, we need more help organizing and fundraising. This is a grassroots vegan effort; no major corporate funding or partnerships with animal exploiters here – like what’s funding “humane meat”, “humane slaughter”, “cultured meat”, and “cage-free” eggs and robbing good-hearted  animal supporters blind of money that could actually be doing something positive.

 If you want the World Vegan Summit & Expo to continue, help us out with a donation now if you can. We have some final bills from this year’s event, and we want to start thinking about next year.

 Feedback from participants is important to us. Please complete our survey here:

 We are giving some thought to San Diego as a possible location, but – nothing definite yet.

 Again, we thank this year’s sponsors and vendors…

 Stanford Inn by the Sea,

Angel Hanz for the Homeless,

AUM Lifestyle,

Bruce Cost Gingerale ,




Golden Lotus Restaurant,

Happy Elephant Hut,


Jonny Sport,


Rain Intl,

Solar City,

Vegan Dog Delights,

VegansRock Apparel,

Veggie Tandoor, 

Vegetarian House vegan restaurant, 

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