Vegan Jobs and Careers

vegan jobsAs an organization that relies on vegan volunteers and workers, in the future we might be making use of the new vegan jobs website at: to help fill positions needed when the next World Vegan Summit is in the works. The website was created by me, volunteer Ben Braman, who developed the vegan jobs website with the aim to help vegan startups and businesses locate vegan talent who share their passion for amazing food, fashion and other products and services that are free of animal body parts and secretions. While I can not advocate for all companies or organizations that may post jobs on the website, I hope to direct it’s focus to be on vegan jobs in the product and services industry rather than animal welfare organizations.

From vegan ice cream to vegan cosmetic lines –  vegan companies and professionals are important to support. While going vegan because it’s the right thing to do is reason enough, when people look at the grocery store and online landscape of wonderful vegan alternatives to the items they’ve spent the lives enjoying, in my view it can only help people go, stay and advocate for veganism the closer it is to the normalcy they are used to.

With services like local gyms owned by vegans looking for vegan trainers, to professionals looking for vegan nannies to help care for their children, and vegan food apps looking for designers, vegans supporting vegans through employment is a fast growing niche.  Those who don’t have vegan jobs or animal rights career paths are also looking to help support vegan efforts in their spare time, such as volunteering for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. If you’re looking for vegan companies hiring and you don’t see something that appeals to you, you can setup a job alert or list your skills to be discovered by employers.

Check out the vegan jobs already included on the website and get to work! If you are a reddit user you might also want to check out the that will be a companion to the website.

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